12 Lovely Summer Mantels For Your Fireplace

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Summer is the perfect time to refresh your home decor, starting with one of the central features in your living space: the fireplace.

As we move into the warmer months, it’s time to swap out the heavy winter decor for something light, bright, and full of seasonal cheer.

Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or love an eclectic mix, there’s a summer mantel idea here to inspire you. From coastal calm to sunset serenity, these ideas will help you create a stunning focal point that radiates the spirit of summer.

Summer Mantels

Summer Mantels ideas

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Coastal Calm

Embrace a coastal theme with shades of blue and white, bringing the serene vibes of the beach into your home.

Decorate the mantel with sea glass vases, starfish, and driftwood accents. Add a large framed beach print as the focal point and finish with some white candles for a calming effect.

DIY Tip: Collect seashells and driftwood during your next beach trip to use as natural decor elements on your mantel.

coastal Summer Mantel

Tropical Escape

Create a tropical vibe with vibrant colors like teal, coral, and yellow.

Use faux palm leaves, porcelain pineapples, and tropical flowers in clear glass vases. Hang a bright, tropical-themed artwork above the mantel to complete the look.

DIY Tip: Make your own faux palm leaf garland using green cardstock and string to drape across the mantel.

tropical Summer Mantel

Garden Love

Opt for a rustic garden feel by incorporating terra cotta pots filled with fresh herbs or small flowering plants (go with faux plants if there isn’t any sunlight). A wooden decor or wall art will add a charming touch.

DIY Tip: Paint and distress small terra cotta pots for a personalized and rustic touch to hold your plants.

rustic boho Summer Mantel

Minimalist Freshness

Keep it simple with a minimalist approach. Use sleek, modern black and white vases, each holding only a few stem flowers.

Add a clean-lined mirror and a few small succulents in geometric planters to maintain a fresh, uncluttered appearance.

DIY Tip: Use matte spray paint to give inexpensive vases a modern, high-end look.

modern Summer Mantel

Nautical Nook

Dive into a nautical theme with navy blue and white stripes. Incorporate elements like rope-wrapped candle holders, miniature sailboats, and anchors. A framed map of the ocean or an old ship’s wheel above the mantel adds a perfect nautical touch.

DIY Tip: Wrap twine around plain candle holders to create a nautical rope effect.

nautical Summer Mantel

Farmhouse Chic

For a farmhouse look, use whitewashed wood frames, antique lanterns, and mason jar flower arrangements.

Complement the display with a distressed wooden sign featuring a warm summer greeting and a garland of greenery.

DIY Tip: Create a wooden sign using reclaimed wood and stencils to add a personal farmhouse touch.

farmhouse Summer Mantel

Vintage Summer

Bring in a vintage summer vibe with pastel colors and nostalgic decor.

Your display should include old-fashioned lemonade bottles, retro fans, and vintage postcards. Pastel-hued bunting strung across the mantel adds a whimsical touch.

DIY Tip: Hunt for vintage postcards at flea markets or online to frame and display on your mantel.

fun bright vintage Summer Mantel

Fruitful Fun

Celebrate summer’s bounty with a fruit-themed mantel. Decorate with bowls of fresh faux or glass lemons, limes, and oranges.

Use citrus-scented candles and hang a fun, fruity art piece to create a lively, invigorating display.

citrus Summer Mantel

Boho Bliss

Achieve a bohemian feel with eclectic decor pieces like macrame wall hangings, woven baskets, and colorful tassels. Incorporate a mix of potted plants and wildflowers in varying heights to add texture and interest.

DIY Tip: Create your own macrame wall hanging with yarn and a simple knotting technique for a personal boho touch.

boho Summer Mantel

Patriotic Pride

Honor the summer holidays with a patriotic mantel. Use red, white, and blue decor, including flags, bunting, and star-shaped candles.

A rustic American flag sign or a vintage-inspired Fourth of July poster can serve as the centerpiece.

DIY Tip: Craft a patriotic banner with red, white, and blue fabric scraps to hang across your mantel.

patriotic Summer Mantel

Botanical Beauty

Go green with a botanical theme. Use a variety of houseplants in different shapes and sizes.

Add glass terrariums filled with moss and small ferns. A botanical print in a simple frame ties the theme together beautifully.

DIY Tip: Make mini terrariums using glass jars, small plants, and moss for a lush, green addition to your mantel.

green botanical plant Summer Mantel

Sunset Serenity

Capture the essence of a summer sunset with warm hues like orange, pink, and gold.

Decorate with sunset-colored candles, lanterns, and a collection of sunburst decor. An abstract painting of a sunset can be the focal point, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

DIY Tip: Use gradient spray paints to create sunset-inspired candle holders that transition from orange to pink to gold.

sunset colors Summer Mantel

Wrapping Up

Updating your mantel for summer doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Focus on incorporating seasonal elements, whether it’s through colors, themes, or simple DIY projects.

Remember, the best decor reflects your personal style and brings you joy. Pay attention to scale, balance, and layering to create a harmonious look. Happy decorating!

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