Majestic Tones: Explore 40 Purple Kitchens for a Touch of Magic

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When we think of a kitchen, most often, images of white, pristine spaces come to mind.

However, a bold new trend is emerging, and it’s full of royal flair — purple kitchens.

If you’ve been searching for a unique way to add vibrancy and a touch of majesty to your home, a color purple might just be the answer.

We will be exploring 40 kitchen designs, appealing to interior design enthusiasts, the DIY community, and anyone who loves to infuse their living spaces with color and character.

40 purple kitchen designs

The Allure of Purple in Kitchen Designs

lilac purple kitchen with purple backsplash

The choice of kitchen color is more than just an aesthetic preference; it’s a way to set the mood and change how you perceive your home.

farmhouse purple kitchen

Just like yellow, pink, blue, and other colors provoke a certain feeling. Purple, often associated with luxury, creativity, and independence, can bring a whole new dimension to your kitchen design that’s unique.

french styled purple kitchen

Purple Color Psychology in Kitchen Decor

beautiful elegant purple kitchen

Purple is an intriguing color that sits between the calm of blue and the fierce energy of red, and its impact in the kitchen is just as complex.

farmhouse purple kitchen

Its darker shades exude sophistication and mystery, while lighter purples can create a sense of relaxation and playfulness.

farmhouse style purple kitchen

In a space like the kitchen, where families gather and creativity flows, purple can foster an environment where new culinary adventures are just a simmer away.

Creating a Sense of Space in your Kitchen

lavender purple kitchen

One common concern when using dark colors, is the perception of a smaller and more confined space.

However, with thoughtful design elements and lighting choices, a purple kitchen can feel just as spacious and airy when you mix purple elements with whites and creams.

purple and black kitchen

To enhance the sense of openness, go with a kitchen with plenty of natural light, complementing the interior with reflective surfaces and light-colored accents.

Trendy Purple Kitchen Designs to Inspire You

tuscan purple kitchen

Now, we’ll take stroll through various types of kitchens, showcasing how this regal hue can be integrated into all kinds of design styles.

cream and purple kitchen

Modern Minimalistic Kitchens

If sleek, contemporary design is your preference, a minimalistic kitchen could be your canvas.

sage green and purple kitchen

Clean lines and uncluttered spaces underscore the beauty of a monochromatic purple scheme, with just the right balance of texture and a pop of complementary color to avoid a flat, one-dimensional look.

tuscan kitchen with purple and cream

Lavender and White Harmony

A lavender kitchen design exudes a fresh, modern feel when paired with crisp white counters and cabinets.

elegant dark purple kitchen

This combination creates a bright, inviting space perfect for culinary innovation and cozy family breakfasts.

Steel and Amethyst Elegance

dark modern purple kitchen

For a more luxurious atmosphere, fuse the sleekness of stainless steel appliances with the deep richness of amethyst cabinetry.

ultra modern black and purple kitchen

This refined palette is ideal for those who love to entertain, offering the perfect backdrop for gourmet feasts and memorable gatherings.

sleek modern purple kitchen

Vintage-Inspired Kitchen Ideas

For those drawn to the nostalgic appeal of the past, vintage-inspired kitchens bring a touch of old-world charm to the modern home.

To balance the boldness of purple, think of intricately patterned tile floors, ornate fixtures, and warm wood tones.

old world style purple kitchen

Provencal Purple Proclamation

Capture the essence of the French countryside with a Provencal-inspired kitchen. Soft lavender walls, distressed furniture, and aged copper accents create a cozy, lived-in feel that’s both elegant and comforting.

rich old world french purple kitchen

Victorian Vibrancy

Channel the elegance of the Victorian era with a kitchen adorned with dark, carved wood, floral motifs, and lace curtains.

This style exudes opulence and charm, making every meal prep a nod to times gone by.

Bold and Vibrant Purple Accents in Kitchen Decor

dark purple modern kitchen

For the adventurous decorator, incorporating bold and vibrant accents can make a powerful statement in any kitchen design, no matter the style.

These bursts of color can range from small appliances to eye-catching backsplashes and beyond.

rustic farmhouse purple kitchen

Mosaic Magic

A mosaic backsplash in various shades of purple can create a mesmerizing focal point in a kitchen, adding texture and depth to the space.

bright open farm house kitchen with purple

Combined with neutral cabinets and countertops, this feature becomes a work of art that draws the eye and sparks the imagination.

white and purple kitchen

Pop of Periwinkle

In a kitchen dominated by neutral or earthy colors, a single splash of periwinkle can create an unexpected surprise that delights the senses.

modern purple cabinets in a kitchen

Consider periwinkle-colored appliances or kitchenware to add a subtle yet impactful touch of personality.

DIY Purple Kitchen Makeovers That Won’t Break the Bank

rustic purple kitchen

You don’t need a colossal budget to infuse your kitchen with the magic of purple. Here are some creative and cost-effective ideas to inspire your DIY kitchen makeover.

Painting Your Way to Purple Paradise

Perhaps the simplest way to introduce this color into your kitchen design is with a fresh coat of paint.

cabin kitchen with purple

Accent walls, the insides of cabinets, or even the ceiling can be transformed with a touch of paint, instantly breathing new life into the room.

Statement Stripes

purple cabinets in the kitchen

Not ready for full-on purple immersion? Create a statement wall with bold, horizontal stripes or just your kitchen island.

Varying shades of purple can add depth and interest and serve as an excellent backdrop for open shelving or a gallery of kitchen art.

cute purple kitchen with purple accents

Upcycling and Repurposing Furniture

A kitchen is about more than just the walls and cabinets; it’s a holistic design approach that extends to every element of the space.

elegant modern kitchen with purple, gray and white

Repainting or reupholstering existing furniture in shades of purple can create a cohesive and stylish look.

tuscan style purple kitchen

Pops of Color in the Pantry

Give your pantry a sprucing up by organizing shelves with vibrant purple liners or containers.

eggplant purple kitchen with white

This small change can have a big impact, making your pantry not only more functional but also a delightful space.

purple and cream white kitchen with wood ceiling

Unleashing the Power of Purple in Your Kitchen

The home kitchen is the heart of the house, and its design should reflect the aspirations and personality of those who use it.

rustic old world style kitchen

With the color purple, you have the opportunity to create a kitchen space that is uniquely your own — elegant, warm, and filled with the magic that only a royal hue can bring.

gothic inspired purple kitchen

By exploring the various ways to incorporate this color into your kitchen design, from full wall-to-wall transformations to subtle color infusions, you can craft a cooking space that inspires creativity and comfort.

modern black and purple kitchen with stainless steel
royal purple cabinets and granite kitchen

Whether you’re a seasoned interior designer or a novice DIY enthusiast, the allure of purple kitchens is within reach. They offer a true feast for the eyes and the soul.

white kitchen with purple backsplash
purple backsplash modern kitchen
purple kitchen island

Colorful Kitchens

Looking for more colorful inspiration? Here at The Olive Nest, we love color and exploring new ideas for our home. And the kitchen is the heart of the home! So, grab those paint swatches and create a beautiful kitchen.

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